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Power, ground, serial data and transfer case encoder motor( cfig. 9/ 6/ while making a turn, received a " stabilitrak off" and " power steering assist reduces drive with care" 9/ 8/ 15; received the above two messages plus " service 4wd" - 9/ 10/ 15 dealer replaced the transfer case actuator per tsb 9/ 14/ received. Let’ s now look at other reasons why your 4wd fails to engage. The 4hi position is the same position as 4auto. Install the new motor/ encoder gasket to the transfer case. Pull atc fuse and the front actuator will disengage the front, put it back in an the acuator engages the front. Rockauto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Buy a chevrolet silverado 1500 transfer case actuator at discount prices. Ok, i think i got it now; check the transfer case 4wd position switch on the actuator, make sure that it doesn' t have an open circuit, sometimes the switch will go open half way causing the system to stop working. If the actuator is working, then remove it and try to manually engage the differential with a pry bar to see if there is a mechanical problem inside the differential.

Refer to propshaft speed sensors front axle actuator and transfer case shift control switch schematic. Thought it was the actuator bought a new one installed it transfer case would engage but front end wouldnt lock. 4wd transfer case overview the transfer case is a critical part of a truck' s 4wd system. Choose top quality brands ac delco. Important: this relay incorporates a 5 second delay for the front axle to engage in order to allow the transfer case synchronizer to energize. The four wheel drive ecu has to see that signal, otherwise, it will not shift the transfer case. It will shift into 4hi and 4lo with ease and no problems there. Chevrolet silverado 1500 4wd - four wheel drive guides.

After engaging the transfer case, a one inch pull of the 4x4 posi- lok cable connects the right front axle to the intermediate shaft using the shift collar and fork, and 4- wheel drive is engaged! The basic sys- tem consists of a transfer case motor and encoder, front differential actua- tor, transfer case module, speed sen- sors, switches and park input and out- put to the pcm. Buy a chevrolet silverado 2500 hd transfer case motor at discount prices. The 4wd system of your ford f150 can fail to engage due to any of the following reasons: failed 4wd actuator; damaged vacuum hoses; failed vacuum solenoid; transfer case shift motor; this article will also cover how you can troubleshoot and diagnose the 4wd problem without any tools, as well as other common 4wd problems found on the f150 ford. This top- grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry. I also have changed wires to make sure of bad wires. When you push the 2hi actuator and motor sound like there trying to engage but light blinks and goes back to 4hi. Both trucks had one dtc stored: b2725 ( active transfer case mode switch malfunction). Finally i checked for power at tccm. Removed transfer case motor and could shift transfer case manually.

The transfer case encoder detects the position of the shift shaft assembly on the transfer case. 3l silverado ls z71. Chevrolet silverado: 4wd transfer case overview. There are three main things that will blow the fuse; the front axle actuator, the encoder motor on the transfer case or a mechanical problem in the transfer case.

Install the motor/ encoder to the transfer case. O when installing the motor/ encoder unit to the transfer case, make sure that the transfer case is indexed properly and it is flat against the transfer case before tightening the mounting bolts. I got home and decided since my driveway was a little slick i' d put it into 4wd hi ( from a stand still) and make my way up the driveway ( on a side note, i haven' t used 4wd hi in a while. The transfer case control module ( tccm) is a specialty of the general motor’ s 4wd operation.

4x4 posi- lok replaces the vacuum actuator with a cable operated actuator that puts the driver in control of the engagement from inside the cab. I told the salesman i had only a few requirements, 1) no carpet, 2) manual transfer, 3) extended cab, 4) steering wheel audio controls. Guess my point is that the manual transfer is a bit of peace of mind for me. Its a mega expensive actuator and generally the transfer case must be removed to replace it.

Still no lights and no 4wd. Propshaft speed sensors, front axle actuator and transfer case shift control switch( caccess our avalanche, sierra, silverado, c& k series, transfer case repair guide bw 4482- nr4 by creating an account or signing into your autozone rewards account. Just a video i made changing the 4wd actuator which was loacted in the front of the truck. I wasn' t sure how to test the old transfer case motor, so i took a guess based on the wiring diagram i did find online. All of its functions involve the shift – processing the shift request, executing it, and verifying the completion. Section 308- 07a: transfer case - general information f- 150 workshop manual description and operation procedure revision date: transfer case - electronic shift on the fly ( esof) operation the electronic shift on the fly ( esof) system is an electronic shift 4x4 system that allows the operator to choose between two different 4x4. My transfer case is working fine.

No idiot lights on either. Use either harness p/ nordepending on vehicle equipment. Imagine my surprise when he led me over to the ec 2500hd wt that i drove off the lot a few hours later. In 4hi, 4lo, or neutral, it just moves to the proper position and locks in place. Both use the same controls and happen to have stored the same dtc. Typically 4wd switches are located on the transfer case but in some cases may be found on the front axle. 2 m ( 88 in) pigtail harness that runs from the c151 connector under the hood to the transfer case. Chevy silverado with manual shift transfer case, 4wd indicator light switch by wve®. How to fix the four wheel drive in a electronically controlled gm truck when it goes bad.

L i replaced the actuator on the transfer case, checked the 4wd fuse in the cab, replaced the switch and the tccm. I know this is an old thread but still very informational. My 4wd doesn' t work. Hey guys, i am a little new to using forums and threads, but i do have a question about my 5. Quantity: 1 piece.

This article applies to the. I have replaced it with a new actuator and new transfer case control switch and still cannot get my truck to go into 4x4. Choose top quality brands a1 cardone, dorman. It controls the electronically- operated 4- wheel- drive system. Having the same exact problem but with my 1999 escalade. Easy to use parts catalog. 3 the switch lights would not come on also it was stuck in 2wd. Source: 01 chevy silverado 4 x 4 not working. In all cases, turning off the vehicle and restarting seems to return to normal until it happens again. Learn how to keep the silverado 1500' s 4wd in top shape with our technical articles here. I have a 02 silverado the 4x4 won' t engage i replace switch on dash, actuator on the front the transfer case motor seams - answered by a verified chevy mechanic we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

Switch just blinks and blinks 4hi or auto. When shifting the transfer case, you should hear the actuator motor operate. 0l with the nvg 5- speed manual tranny and the manual floor shifter for the transfer case ( only about 76k miles on the rig). Sort out your chevrolet silverado 1500' s 4wd problems with our repair how- to' s and learn how to use your 4wd system correctly. Dtc- c0327 could be a mechanical concern within the transfer case shift assembly. 4wd switches typically send a signal to the 4wd actuator which engages the front axle. It has 4hi, 4lo, and auto 4wd. We have the best products at the right price. For 88- 93 vehicles, if the axle has to be replaced, use jumper harness p/ n. Over time, the shift shaft assembly could develop lateral or vertical movement and cause the transfer case encoder to detect a false reading, setting a trouble code. The dash- mounted transfer case mode control is a set of normally open switches that vary the voltage supplied by the transfer case module when closed.

The vacuum style fails when the unit' s ability to regulate air pressure becomes compromised. Wd transfer case encoder motor fits for chevy silverado tahoe avalanche suburban dodge ramgmc sierra yukon xlreplace# 600910 shift actuator 4. Speed transfer case. Chevy silverado 1500 / 1500 hd / 2500 / 2500 hd with rpo code np8 ( push button shift, 2 speed transfer case), 4wd switch by skp®. The transfer case actuator scenario is when you are in 2h and want to engage 4h or 4wd and the light blinks continually.

If not the actuator is bad, if the fuse blows, unplug the motor on the transfer case. Replace your worn- out or faulty component with this quality replacement from wve. Is there a way to test your 4x4 actuator in a silverado to see if it is actually working? I have a chevy silverado 2500 6. The transfer case. This article will tell you everything you need to know about your silverado' s transfer case. There are two types of designs- - vacuum or electric powered. In auto 4wd, it continually moves the input shaft of the transfer case to vary the amount of torque that goes to the front driveshaft. What could be a $ 400 motor could be repaired for less than $ 100 sil. Equip cars, trucks & suvs with chevrolet silverado 1500 transfer case from autozone.

On a 99 silverado 5. On the full- size pickup and full- size utility models, replace the 2. There was a part number changed on it in. 1 out of 5 stars 59 $ 99. If no toggle in voltage, check the light blue wire for an open circuit back to the transfer case control module ( tccm). When put in 4wd, then the voltage should go to 0. Verify system operation. This product is designed and tested to ensure the ultimate in. I followed this test procedure for testing tc motor ( use with caution) : 1) applied voltage to a ground to d, results were a clunk with motor not spinning. First unplug the actuator and see if the fuse blows. Wd transfer case encoder motor fits for chevy silverado tahoe avalanche suburban dodge ramgmc sierra yukon xlreplace# 600910 shift actuator by benefast $ 99.

Buy a chevrolet silverado 1500 transfer case actuator at discount prices. The actuator in the transfer case has had the same problem on occasion. It seems logical to. The transfer case encoder motor moves the transfer case selector automatically. What a number of guys have done is take off the actuator' s housing cover, cleaned it up, and tried to free it up mechanically.

A tech 2 information screen will also let you know whether certain 4wd systems do not allow scan tool access. One is a 1999 model, the other a. The transfer case could pose another reason why your 4 wheel drive fails to engage.

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